Facilities in Shakti Enterprises

Facilities We Can Provide You

We have the extensive capabilities of customizing and developing new products. A highly skilled workforce and state-of-the-art technology ensures the highest quality product with most recent technology delivered to the customers. We can provide you following facilities -

  • New Product development and designing
  • Mould designing and manufacturing
  • Existing products customization
  • Branding of products
  • Branded packaging


We are an organization fully committed towards providing our worldwide clients with maximum satisfaction by offering them products as per their specifications. Our dexterous team works in close coordination with our clients to thoroughly understand their requirements and develop the products accordingly.

Our infrastructure enables us to develop the sport goods in desired material, weight, shape, sizes and designs as demanded by our clients. We offer them in accordance with the different needs of club matches, league matches, practice matches and more.

We have been about taking the status quo to the next level and about expressing individuality. We offer our clients handcrafted masterpiece with customized printing and logo on the surface.

In addition, we are proud to be able to offer custom made designs to suit your individual needs. If you are struggling to find a suitable product because of specific requirements, we are confident that we can provide you with a solution. This could be in the form of bespoke sportswear or custom made Bags to suit the intended purpose.

Research & Development

Our Research & Development team plays a pivotal role in manufacturing high quality and durable sports goods. They plan innovative ways to achieve the international quality and safety standards. Important factors like quality of raw material, durability, users' age and convenience, all weather conditions are deeply studied by our research faculty, as a requisite procedure prior launching a new product in the market.

Research and development has always been the cornerstone that has solidified us as the leader of the sport compact industry. In this step countless hours are spent handcrafting multiple prototypes with new level of performance. Once the prototypes are created they are then subjected to numerous tests before giving the final shape.

Apart from this, our Research & Development personnel continuously strive to upgrade the quality of our sport goods, so that they could successfully meet all the challenging opportunities and compete with sport goods of other major brands. For this purpose our research and development keeps a close watch over ever-changing technology to find out the innovative ways for the further improvement.