Company History


Mr. Navneet Sehgal: a man who believes in transparency, honesty, generosity & is committed to his business for the last 38 years. At the age of 12 years while studying, he likewise began working in notable company. After serving for quite long time very deliberately as a quick learner & earnest man one day during the bubbly period of holi surfing the markets he got attracted to a small holi toy and gave his time to research more toys.

A day came, he got an idea of trying to make carrom coins which can be made of plastic as earlier chess & carrom coins were made of wood. He chose to stride ahead with the grace of god, support of his father Mr. Nand Kishore Sehgal & all the facility available in 1980’s he started his own firm New Shakti Plastics where he implanted 3 hand moulding machines & 5 human resource.  He started with small plastic products like carrom coins, water guns, potato caps etc.

A small unit of plastic product manufacturing created by him has been jointly addressed by his younger brother Ajay Sehgal in few years

Mr. Ajay Sehgal: Under the guidance of his elder brother, he joined his hands into business in 1992 after completing his Intermediate with determination to take the business ahead. Working hard with his brother day & night he started manufacturing new products and began trading in sports articles needed by the market. His ascension through the industry has been noteworthy, since he is a versatile individual who has seamlessly adapted to new working environments in a very short span.

A man who count to cultivate a long term relationship with his clients by not compromising in quality of the products. He claims that only high-quality products should be provided, as this is what customers expect. He is the type of person who can turn adversity into an opportunity. A risk taker who has scaled up the company with new high-tech machines and the launch of new sports training equipment.

With his drive and passion, Shakti Enterprises was established in the market, and the Sumit Toys brand has dominated the domestic plastic toy market. Sumit Toys created a reputation for himself in the water guns, PE equipment, board games, and accessories.

Mr. Sumit Sehgal: A young presider of a family who joined the business in 2012 after graduating from Indira Gandhi College in Pune with a bachelor's degree in foreign trade. An enthusiastic man who has taken the initiative to push our brand global. A ladder full of ups & downs has made him a successful exporter of sports training equipment in UK & Europe Markets. This is how we launched our new brand OSPO emphasising the importance of maintaining outstanding performance in terms of product quality, design & services at all level.

With a strong belief in his abilities and burning desire to succeed, he is actively aiding his father to mark the OSPO in every field persistent to sports equipment & accessories. His contribution to the new evolution of our product range has been vital. As a youthful thinker, he has delivered a stroke to manufacture training apparels & bags needed in the sports field.

The Sehgal sons have tremendously reached the hearts of the market in sports training equipment, accessories, and apparel, leveraging a well-established infrastructure and a diligent team.

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